Joplin Estates 185 Lot Subdivision – Rezoned & Moving Forward…

Posted: July 2, 2019

We were pleased to assist with the rezoning of this up and coming 185 lot subdivision located in Marana, AZ. The Team worked together with the Town of Marana to come up with, what we believe to be, a premium layout for this site. Through the rezoning process there were discussions regarding open space and park area. The final layout implemented on the south a centrally located park area as shown in the image below. Lots north of the channel will have access to a river walkway along the top of the channel bank. Another positive aspect for this layout is how many lots have more privacy and cleared views from the back patio. This property was rezoned for R6 zoning (north of channel) and R3.5 zoning (south of channel). Rezoning has been approved by Mayor and Council, and is now ready to move forward into the design phase. Next step; the Preliminary Plat for this project is well on it’s way and will be submitted along with a set of landscape plans. We will also be providing plans for the final plat, public paving and sewer plans, water plans and utility coordination.

As much care and attention was given to the site layout, we also spent considerable time analyzing the earthworks. Some sites are straight forward, whereas other sites present more challenge with balancing the cut and fill. This site was one that presented some challenge. However, we were able to balance the site with the excavation and redistribution of approximately 90,000 cubic yards of onsite soil.

We are looking forward to working with the Town of Marana through the design phase, and to seeing this project come to fruition with this growing community.

Joplin Estates Layout