Starbucks at Speedway and Pantano

Posted: July 1, 2014

We had the privilege to prepare the civil engineering Development Package for the Starbucks project located at the corner of Speedway and Pantano. The project began with the demolition of the existing gas station. Once demolition was complete, the construction crew didn’t waste any time in grading the site, and before you know it the new Starbucks site began to take shape. On a more recent visit we were happy to see it alive and popping, with customers sitting on the patio enjoying their Vanilla Lattes and Peppermint Mochas!

We were signed up for this project with A23 Studios architecture team March of 2013 and plans for construction were approved by the City of Tucson Development Services Department in July, 2013. Demolition took place in September and by January, 2014 this project was well on its way to site completion. The new Starbucks officially opened earlier this year.

Step One: Site Study, Development Plans, Obtain Approval
speedway looking south 1
Step Two: Demolition of Existing Conditions
Step Three: Site Construction