The Rancho Reina Subdivision

Posted: May 27, 2016

We are pleased to present Rancho Reina, a 25 lot subdivision located on Tucson’s east side.  This project lies near the northeast corner of Old Spanish Trail and Avenida De Los Reyes. As the Engineering Consultant  for this project we were given the task of designing this subdivision to comply with the Flexible Lot Development (FLD) guidelines.

The purpose of an (FLD) is to increase architectural diversity, visual interest while also encouraging efficient use of land.   This is often achieved by preserving sloped areas while focusing development on flatter portions of the parcel.  This gated community will be developed on less than 35% of this 19.04 Acre Parcel.

RANCHO REINA blur_edges

With the FLD option, we were able to get reduced lot sizes and setbacks while also being limited to the amount of onsite disturbance.  For SH zoned development, generally lot sizes would need to be a minimum of 36,000, with a 20’ parameter yard setback.  The average lot size for this proposed development, in compliance with the (FLD), is 7,800sf.  To be a candidate for an FLD, the project must fit within the criteria and guidelines found within section 8.7.3 of the Unified Development Code (UDC). 

If you would like to know more about the Flexible Lot Design option or would like to discuss subdivision development for the City of Tucson or Pima County, please feel free to give us a call.

Rancho Reina Project Tasks include:


Concept Site Plan Refinement

We worked with the Client to refine the conceptual site plan based upon their desired changes and our further discussions with governmental agencies and utility companies.   We explore the development feasibility of the concept plan and its alternatives, including field verification and adjustments, if desired. The best elements of the alternatives are then combined into a refined concept plan that serves as the basis for the subdivision Tentative Plat and Development Package.

Hydrology Report

A hydrologic and hydraulic report is prepared in accordance with City of Tucson standards.  It is submitted along with the Development Package for review and approval.

Development Package/Tentative Plat/Grading Plan

The layout presented within the Development Package is based upon the provided boundary and topographical survey,  the agreed upon Concept Site Plan, the Hydrology  Report , the Geotech Report.  We also take into account our pre-submittal meeting with COT Planning and Development Services (COTDSD)  and other information gathered from utility companies, and others.  The Development Package (DP) is prepared in conformance with the City of Tucson’s Uniform Development Code and standards.  This package contains the Tentative Plat, Grading Plan, Utility Plan, Details and any required Landscape Plans.

Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP)

SWPPPs are required for projects which contain an area of disturbance of one acre or more, therefore a swppp was required for this project.  We prepared the SWPPP in accordance with the current ADEQ Template Guidelines and ADEQ General Construction Permit (GCP)

Final Plat

Upon approval of the Development Package containing the tentative plat, we calculate the lots or blocks, prepare the final plat, and make the submittal to COT Development Services for review.

Public Sewer Plans

The onsite and offsite public sewer plans for the Pima County Regional Wastewater Reclamation Department (PCRWRD) are developed to show the proposed gravity sewer main alignments, manhole locations, the house connection services to the individual lots.

Public Water Plans

Onsite water plans to serve this project depicting the alignment of the proposed waterline(s), its connection to the existing public lines and service location(s), and the location of fire hydrants, valves and water meters are prepared in conformance with Tucson Water Dept. standards, submitted to them for review upon approval will be submitted to Department of Environmental Quality for approval to construct.

Paving  Plans

We prepare the required plans and specifications for the on-site private roadway improvements and submit them for approval to City of Tucson for review and approval.  These roadway plans incorporate the required drainage crossings and will show the onsite roadways in plan and profile, sidewalk locations, right of ways, drainage features, etc.